Cadbury Adams, Confectionary Manufacturer


Cadbury Adams uses a couple hundred gallons of water per day. They had high salt usage, and large amounts of brine discharge to the sanitary systems. Brine is highly salty and contains heavy metal and organic contaminants – not environment-friendly.


Cadbury Adams is concerned about environmental issues and voluntarily makes improvements wherever they can.

We showed them how we could integrate brine reclaim and save them significant money on salt usage. There would be less brine going down the drain and they would be helping the environment as well.

Equipment Installed/Services Implemented

New electronic control for brine reclaim.

Results/Customer Benefits

  • They won the 2004 IL Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention.
  • Through 9 months, Cadbury Adams saved 221,380 lbs. of salt valued at $8302 and discharged 490,400 gallons less at a savings of $2,207 on sewage bills.
  • They also save approximately $320/month in labor.
  • In total, the customer estimates a savings of $14,439 in one year.

Culligan Advantages

  • Strength of Culligan reputation.
  • Reputation of the dealership and local service.
  • Customer focused service department.
  • Calculation of brine reclaim savings projection.
  • Overall Commercial/Industrial expertise.