General Testing

  • Robotic Titro sampler robot for testing of pH, conductivity and alkalinity
  • UV spectrometer for testing color, tannins, phosphate and organic scan
  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Filtration performance
  • Scale identification

Ion Analysis

  • Ion chromatographic analysis of anions.
  • Simultaneous analysis of Cl, NO3, NO2, F, SO4, PO4
  • Analysis of bromate and perchlorate at ppb levels

Metals Analysis

  • ICP – simultaneous analysis of metals- ppm sensitivity
  • ICP/MS – simultaneous analysis of metals- ppb sensitivity
  • CVAA – mercury analysis- ppb sensitivity
  • Speciation of arsenic

Lab Credentials

  • Certified in National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP)
  • Thousands of water samples analyzed per year
  • State-of-the-art equipment (ICP/MS, ICP, Titro sampler, IC, LIMS, etc.)
  • Over 80 years of combined laboratory experience

Metals Removal

Heavy metal removal from waste streams is an environmental necessity. Remove them chemically with the proper Culligan chemical additive or utilize Culligan’s vast knowledge of ion exchange to remove them mechanically by capturing the metal ions in resin tanks.

Coagulants and Flocculants

Apply the correct chemical aids to neutralize charges and allow particulate to bind together with the goal of removing them from the water.

High Sediment Feed Water

Remove suspended solids and high turbidity from your surface water supplied feed water. The OFSY model includes chemical feed, clarifier, and eight layers of filtration to capture impurities.

Steam Trap Analysis

The proper type, size, and function of a system’s steam traps is imperative for proper steam utilization. Faulty steam traps waste energy which increases the operational cost of the steam system. This value-added service analyzes a plant’s steam traps to ensure their correct operation.

Evaporation Credits

The majority of the water supplied to a cooling tower is evaporated, so why pay a sewer bill for water that does not go down the sewer? Find out if you qualify for Evaporation Credits with the help of your Culligan service representative.

Minimize Water Consumption

Many customers do not realize how much water is actually used in their systems, often using millions of gallons per year in their cooling process. Minimize water consumption and save on facility costs with the help of your Culligan service representative by maintaining proper conductivity setpoints and blowdown rates in cooling towers and tracking usage in closed loops.