Steam System Analysis Services

These value-added services ensure the utmost steam system efficiency. The resulting information can be utilized to identify capital equipment operation, cost savings opportunities, as well as facilitating the plant’s understanding of their steam system.

Steam Mechanical Troubleshooting identifies the correct operation of steam equipment.that is essential to support plant processes. Culligan can help troubleshoot the issue for solution development.

The Steam Trap Analysis determines whether the proper type, size, and function of a system’s steam traps is being applied. Faulty steam traps waste energy which increases the operational cost of the steam system.

Conducting the Annual Boiler Inspection allows Culligan to evaluate the overall operational effectiveness of the Boiler System’s Chemical Treatment Program.

The Softener Inspection can be accomplished any time of the year; however, it is best to inspect the system in conjunction with the Annual Boiler Inspection. Culligan can conduct an elution study as well as inspect the aspects of the softener for correct function.