To provide complete filtration for any need or capacity, Culligan recommends filters to reduce turbidity from water, adsorb odors, neutralize acidity, and reduce heavy metals. Filtered water can minimize blowdown for substantial cost savings.

Businesses around the globe use advanced Culligan filters, so that high-quality water is provided to process equipment. Using innovative technologies, such as Progressive Flow and Smart Controllers, Culligan filters improve the overall efficiency of equipment while making the most of your resources.

Ways To Us

  • Grocery/retail- quality water for aesthetics and extend equipment life
  • Pre-treatment for RO systems, softeners, and DI systems
  • Light manufacturing processes- reduce particulate matter
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Vehicle wash- turbidity reduction
  • Drinking water systems- improved taste


  • Substantial cost savings.
  • Food and beverage- superior taste and clarity.
  • Reduced particulate matter.
  • Increased efficiency from turbidity reduction.


The Culligan Hi-Flo 50® Filter reduces contaminants* and solids that affect equipment efficiency and water quality. Configure the system based on your requirements, adding tanks and instrumentation as your usage increases. Use the Culligan®-exclusive Smart Controller to easily manage and control your filtering options. Save time and effort with an automatic timer or sensors that reliably monitor your water usage and quality without constant supervision.

High Efficiency

The High Efficiency (HE) filter with patented technology delivers improved efficiency by reducing contaminants* that affect equipment performance and durability. With the Culligan® Smart Controller, available on the HE, customers can set-up a single or multiple tank system that adjusts to flow demand. Customers can also monitor their water treatment system performance, consumable usage, and maintenance needs, at a single site or across multiple ones 24 hours a day.

Side Mount

When you want to produce high quality water in a demanding and variable environment, trust Culligan® filters. The Culligan Side Mount (CSM) heavyduty filter reduces contaminants* and solids that affect water quality and equipment efficiency. The Culligan®-exclusive Smart Controller makes it easy for you to set up and manage your water treatment. Using optional accessories such as an automatic timer or sensors, monitor the system and filter as needed without constant supervision, saving resources and money.

Top Mount

The Culligan® Top Mount (CTM) Series filter models use the latest control valve technology to offer superior flow rates and long-lasting performance for commercial and industrial applications. The top-mounted control minimizes the system’s footprint and is constructed of a corrosion-resistant, heavy duty plastic tested in extreme operating conditions to service all types of problem water (high chloramines, heavy iron, etc.). The CTM valve and system also carry certification for testing and passing the highest drinking water standards. The CTM includes integrated vacuum breakers and pressure relief valves to protect the system in addition to possessing an integrated flow meter for highly accurate reporting. Each CTM operates with a Culligan® Smart Controller which provides users access to the Culligan® technology platform of intercommunicating systems, remote monitoring and water and energy saving accessories.


From membrane reverse osmosis to deionization and commercial water softening, and from design to installation, Culligan's fast-to-market solutions feature revolutionary designs for commercial water treatment that are completely customizable to your business needs.


Utilize Culligan’s chemical water treatment programs to prevent corrosion, deposition, and microbiological growth in your Cooling and Heating Systems. Protect your cooling towers and chillers, steam boilers and steam lines, closed loops and equipment, all while minimizing water and energy consumption, facilities costs, and downtime.

Other Applications

Culligan offers a variety of solutions for any water conditioning challenge including waste water applications, acid cleaning, and water reclamation.