The concern for quality water has become a national issue as the need for more and better water increases. New sources for water are being explored; concern for health has become an issue; and high technology demands purer water.

The need to test water is growing. Culligan International Company has an answer. A certified laboratory with extensive experience in water treatment problems and their solution.


  • Certified, Accredited, In-House Laboratory
  • Quick turn around
  • LoremExcellent resource for trouble shooting

General Testing

  • Robotic Titro sampler robot for testing of pH, conductivity and alkalinity
  • UV spectrometer for testing color, tannins, phosphate and organic scan
  • Total Organic Carbon
  • Filtration performance
  • Scale identification

Ion Analysis

  • Ion chromatographic analysis of anions.
  • Simultaneous analysis of Cl, NO3, NO2, F, SO4, PO4
  • Analysis of bromate and perchlorate at ppb levels

Lab Credentials

  • Certified in National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP)
  • Thousands of water samples analyzed per year
  • State-of-the-art equipment (ICP/MS, ICP, Titro sampler, IC, LIMS, etc.)
  • Over 80 years of combined laboratory experience

Metals Analysis

  • ICP – simultaneous analysis of metals- ppm sensitivity
  • ICP/MS – simultaneous analysis of metals- ppb sensitivity
  • CVAA – mercury analysis- ppb sensitivity
  • Speciation of arsenic


From membrane reverse osmosis to deionization and commercial water softening, and from design to installation, Culligan's fast-to-market solutions feature revolutionary designs for commercial water treatment that are completely customizable to your business needs.


Utilize Culligan’s chemical water treatment programs to prevent corrosion, deposition, and microbiological growth in your Cooling and Heating Systems. Protect your cooling towers and chillers, steam boilers and steam lines, closed loops and equipment, all while minimizing water and energy consumption, facilities costs, and downtime.

Other Applications

Culligan offers a variety of solutions for any water conditioning challenge including waste water applications, acid cleaning, and water reclamation.