Cadbury Adams, Confectionary Manufacturer


  • The correctional facility has 25 grain hard water.
  • They had a softener system with 8 different install locations. Six were outdated and needed to be replaced. They agreed to also replace the other 2 locations that had non-Culligan equipment.
  • The hard water had caused so much damage to their massive boilers that they needed to be replaced.
  • All drains, toilets, etc., in prisons need to hove stainless steel grates to prevent inmates from hiding dangerous objects. Shower stalls need to be stainless steel, as well, since tile is sometimes broken off and used as weapons. Hard water eats away at stainless steel, and the cost to replace would be enormous.


Multiple Water Softeners

Equipment Installed/Services Implemented

  • Quad Plex Softeners.
  • Duplex Softeners.
  • 6 x Triplex Softeners.
  • Custom Built Central Brine Pumping Stotion.

Results/Customer Benefits

  • Soft water throughout facility reduced service on boilers, domestic hot water heaters, and cooling lowers.
  • Reduced mointenonce/replocement of fixtures, drain screens etc.
  • The facility realized the significant reduction in overall maintenance costs related to hard water problems.
  • Brine reclaim.
  • Quad Plex was installed in main boiler room using brine reclaim to reduce soil consumption. They typically used 15,000 lbs. of solt per month. They estimate the savings to be approximately 25%. All systems designed using progressive Row to reduce pressure loss. New brine pumps ore designed by Grundfos for salt water applications and constant running, thus eliminating breakdowns and maintenance.

Culligan Advantages

  • Consultative soles process – toking the lime to understand the needs of the customers.
  • Ability to accurately size the equipment through proprietary Culligan software.
  • The dealership’s track record of great service.